I have always believed in the unique power of introspection — the act of looking at yourself more deeply, examining the paths you’ve already walked, and imagining what possibilities lie in wait. When we do this, we tap into a part of ourselves that already knows our innate capabilities and personal powers. We just need to learn how to activate them. After all, seeds do not grow without the nourishment of water and light. At Esperto, we’re driven to help professionals and organizations do exactly that: reach their full potential, lay the foundation of growth and development, and facilitate the journey of maximizing their professional powers.

It started with Nebu, a company founded in 1993 that delivers survey software to market research companies. We named it after one of the greatest and ancient Babylonian kings, Nebuchadnezzar. Under his rule, the city of Babylon became known as the center of the world where the arts and intellectual pursuits thrived. He served as a writer on the god council, and utilized a tablet called dub. Fittingly, we named our survey software core product Dub InterViewer.

Nebu has since grown to become a sophisticated survey software company that collects, manages, and utilizes data to provide solutions for fieldwork and market research companies. After 25 years of refinement and improvement, the current version helps in several areas: data collection, questionnaire design, fieldwork, sample and quota management, productivity, quality control, process automation, data integration and security. Today it is the most flexible and cost-efficient data collection software on the planet, and we have enjoyed tremendous success. But I’ve personally never believed that I’ve learned all that I need to learn. Recently, I started to believe it was time to set our sights on a new horizon and trust that the path would present itself.

That’s when a good friend of mine — business growth expert Kees de Jong — asked if we could help create a survey and report for the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. Under Kees’ guidance, Nebu developed a growth test that would help entrepreneurs and their companies take the next step in their growth. Little did we know then that we, too, would be planting the seed for our own company to grow.

Our clients with the Chamber of Commerce were not only pleased with the newfound insights they received but enthusiastic about what they learned. The assessments promisingly illuminated their companies’ next steps, clarifying which direction they needed to go. Likewise, we began to see new opportunities opening up. Brendan Foley, the bestselling author of The Five States of Success, caught wind of our achievement and reached out to us. Foley himself is a profoundly influential life and business coach, and his mission aligned naturally with ours. He wanted to partner so that we could translate his coaching model into a survey and a report that could deepen the impact of his coaching sessions. What’s more, he proposed merging individual reports into a team report, along with a platform to manage it all. We could see it all so clearly now: We were walking into our next phase of growth.

Having tapped into our instinctive capabilities, we eagerly worked towards new goals and experienced incredible responses. We translated the assessment into multiple languages and sold it to Scaling Up — the coaching organization founded by the world-renowned entrepreneur and business growth expert, Verne Harnish. More than 175 Scaling Up coaches were then given access to invite their clients to take the Scaling Up Assessment. Then, a short while later, we crossed paths with the Amsterdam University Medical Center (A’dam UMC), which was looking for a new partner to administer evaluations of medical professionals throughout Dutch healthcare institutes. Doctor Kiki Lombarts, a professor of professional performance and highly respected industry expert who runs the Professional Performance group, selected us out of a competitive pool of 21 potential partners to help them maximize their talents and skills. Our path was not only illuminated but stretching out further than we could have imagined.

I soon realized that we needed a refresh. We had already accomplished so much and learned so many new lessons that we needed a name to reflect this new space that we occupied. Who had we evolved to become? We assessed ourselves and found that our next desired milestone was to work with experts of all kinds, helping them to spread their methodology, become an authority, and ultimately become a legend.

We decided on “Esperto Assessments.” Esperto means “expert” in Italian, and that’s exactly who we aim to attract: experts who have tapped into their personal power and found a way to wield it with meaningful influence. Interestingly, we discovered that esperto is a kind of white wine that’s found in Northern Italy. Just like our philosophy, esperto grows from seeds on a grapevine, finds itself harvested, and transforms into something powerful.

Esperto aims to capitalize on the expertise of experts themselves. Using Nebu’s core technology, we have developed a full-service platform of software, services and sales that enables them to sell online assessments. This turn-key solution positions them in a way that maximizes their true potential by professionalizing their model, helping them gain followers, and generating valuable data and revenue relevant to their career path. Founded on the principle that assessment and introspection is the key to success, Esperto enables professionals to grow from being expert to authority to legend.

This turn-key solution positions them in a way that maximizes their true potential by professionalizing their model, helping them gain followers, and generating valuable data and revenue relevant to their career path.

We believe that people, teams, and organizations want to tap into their inherent power and reach the heights they envision for themselves. Esperto reflects the fundamental desire to grow as you go, relying on the insight gained along the way. We’re passionate about finding your growth path and walking alongside you as the way becomes illuminated.


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