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You are an expert in your field. You have a great methodology, supported by your best-selling book. You don’t want people to just read your book. You want to put them into action. Empower them. Let them grow. We are here to help. We are experts in creating assessments. We have experience, supported by your expertise. We don’t want simple reports. We want the best reports, that put people into action. Which empowers you. Lets you grow. You and we are a team.



You are an Expert. Ready to grow. Share your expertise. Start with online assessments. We unite your expertise with our platform. Into a powerful online questionnaire and a dynamic, well-defined, beautifully designed report.


You're an Authority. Multiple people work with your assessments and unique methodology. We have all you need to scale. Easy automated process flow, sales platform, and intuitive dashboards.


Welcome Legend. Welcome to Esperto Marketplace! A unique place with validated multilingual assessments from legends in multiple fields. Full with opportunities to surge your business. Now grow your business globally.

Turnkey solution

Where do you start? How do you build a professional questionnaire? Don’t worry about technical details. That’s our daily job. Esperto offers Professional Software & Services. We help to create awesome online assessments. We help you sell online. We love working with you!

IP + IT = ID

Your model, your IP, is powerful and unique. But you don’t have an online system? Here we come: Esperto’s platform, the IT, is flexible and versatile. We bring it online and gather Information and Data (ID). Your expertise. Our Platform. We help you to grow. Now that is value!

Become a Legend!

How to surge sharing your expertise? How to spread your expertise even further? Never before has it been so easy to reach such a big audience. With Esperto’s Marketplace. Reach a worldwide audience of coaches and customers. And you? Become a Legend!

It’s time to scale your knowledge!

See how many preceded you.

You are not alone. We’re proud to partner with so many experts. And to run so many assessments. Affecting many people’s growth.


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Kees de JongEntrepreneur, Growth Expert

I was the first partner of Esperto Assessments. The team really knows how to work together and build in an agile way. The resulting Scaling Up Assessment is world-class.

Kiki Lombarts, Amsterdam UMCProfessor Professional Performance

Esperto helps and thinks along. They are flexible and help us to maintain our independent position. Esperto ensures that we can grow further and collect even more relevant data to enrich our research.

Rijn Vogelaar, SuperpromoterAuthor, keynote speaker, trainer

We were looking for a party that was flexible, with a can do mentality and who had experience in this market. Esperto is that party.

Brendan Foley, SeaChange NowFounder of The 5 States

Esperto has the experience to help us grow. Eric is a passionate, easy to get along and intelligent guy and acts as a real partner. Esperto is responsive, experienced and scalable. Esperto is in other words: value for money.

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The Esperto Story

What is the investment?

Our pricing? Simple: Start with one assessment. Grow. Utilize the Esperto platform. Provide access to more coaches. Sell more assessments. Be part of a worldwide platform for online assessments. Choose the model that suits you best.



/annum + Rev. share
  • 1 Assessment
  • 1 Sales page
  • Single person version
  • 1 Coach



/annum + Rev. share
  • Up to 10 Assessments
  • Up to 10 sales pages
  • Single and team versions
  • Up to 100 Coaches
  • Add Enneagram or DISC


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  • Unlimited assessments
  • Unlimited sales pages
  • Single, team and 360 versions
  • Unlimited coaches
  • Enneagram, DISC, MBTI and more
  • Exchange with other legends
  • Esperto Market Place!

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